What is this site?

This website is a repository of past conference videos that deal with topics on design and development of apple software products. The initial inspiration for this site came from http://www.pomo.tv but that website and github repository has not had much activity lately. So I decided to build this.

Total Videos

Where do these conferences videos come from?

Conference organizers record their events and will sometimes post them on Youtube and Vimeo. The videos are referenced from these platforms.

Why a website?

Being able to come to one place and query on a specific topic, speaker or event is something I thought would be useful.

How often are updates made?

Content will get updated monthly as new conference videos get posted. Will use github issues for any corrections.

Who curates the content?

The importing and cataloging have been done by me. Make a pull request if you have suggestions.

What are topics?

This is just a curated list of videos that relate to a certain topic. These sections will change over time, along with the content inside. The idea is to be able to see a group of videos that relate to a specific topic.

Does an API exist?

Yes. I do have an `/api` but have not made it available yet. More thought and development on this coming soon.

How is the site built?

Elixir / Phoenix framework, backend using Postgres DB. Tachyons for the CSS. Maybe in the future I'll rebuild this site using Swift server side, but for now I find Phoenix fun for building web apps.

Disclaimer - This website does not host any of the videos found on this website, all videos are directed to the source like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. We take care to only reference videos that are published by the copyright holders, but all issues concerning copyright violations should be aimed at the sites hosting the material. Please let us know if you find any infringing content though, so that we can remove it too.